Art supplies, Brushes, Watercolour

Cutting Brushes (Long to Short Handle)

That’s right I’ve already lost my artistic value! I cut my long handle brushes into short handle!! Go on smite me!

I know, I know.. Why didn’t you just buy them in short handle to begin with?
Well because they didn’t come in short handle. They were super cheap and I thought why not give it a go!

These are my Renoir tip dyed taklon brushes in size 1 and 14… I sourced these from a hardware store called Bunnings (in Australia) however they were also available in Oxlades, a city art store here in Brisbane.

They are lovely brushes but I really wanted these long handle brushes to be short… so I cut them with a saw, sanded the ends back, dipped them in stain (to help seal) and wala!

Loving it so far! No regrets XD


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