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Celtic Knots

Celtic Knotwork is somethingΒ  I'm adding to my repertoire, and possibly will be looking at adding them in through watercolours or coloured pencil work in the future. What I really love about doing them is that they require you to just sit there, I don't need a reference.. you can just keep working on it… Continue reading Celtic Knots

Art supplies

Paper is important

So I'm on a quest to find myself a good Artist quality paper. I'm no money tree so it won't be a crazy $100 paper made by the water god Poseidon but it's going to be good regardless! Cheap Watercolour Paper There's so many out there! And it's easy to fall for the cheap pads… Continue reading Paper is important

Art supplies, Brushes

Supplies Update

We as artists, and admirers of those who call themselves an artiste! Love, LOVE, love supplies. So here's some of mine that I have recently added to my collection. I probably spend more time admiring them than using them. The nib pen and the 3cm wash brush are cheap, they're from eBay. But from some… Continue reading Supplies Update

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Let’s Look at White

Ever find yourself painting over an area or finding it hard to preserve areas of white in your paintings? It's common, I struggle to "preserve whites" all the time, it's a method watercolourists should practice however! Personally though, it's probably too hard to preserve certain little things like "whiskers" and other smaller detailed lines in… Continue reading Let’s Look at White