Colour Palette

Organising my palette using my colour chart tabs I created from fresh painted
Shinhan Watercolours (Professional 24 Set)

palette-organiseFor some my organisation here is probably a little weird. But I’m enjoying it. And it makes sense. So here’s a tip – go with what you think! This is your palette. There is no set rules. There may be helpful hints like making your palette range in hues from warm to cool temperatures which I think would also work nicely.

For me…
I wanted natural colours up the top (browns to yellows to greens including the olive green)
And my bottom line was to be all those richer colours not as remotely associated with nature (from the strange viridian green, blues, purple to rouge/reds and orange)

My black and white is placed on the side because they’re not colours and don’t fit in any of those two rows. I use them for mixing for darker or lighter mixing.. Having them elsewhere on the palette means for me that I should have less colours accidentally getting into them as well!