My Art Supplies

My supplies are pretty “economic” and by that I mean cheap.

I live in Australia so many of my “cheap” sources are probably not found overseas.
I hope I can get better brushes and paper when I can afford it but for now this is the best I can do! I am a beginner so I think as long as I’m enjoying myself I will thrive and it won’t matter the quality although there are serious cons of using cheap art supplies like the paper just being tacky or the brushes not holding liquid etc.

Watercolour Paint

My paints are my most expensive and prized at this point and they’re really lovely.
I bought them from eBay under the encouragement of two artists – Amourinette & Karjin.

They are from Korea and cost me around $30 AUD (that’s about $21 Euro, $18 GBP or $22 USD) so quite economical still and are often compared to the Mijellos Mission Gold paints.. That said there’s not enough review out there for these paints so I hope they will get more limelight soon as I think they could reach great heights!

ShinhanArt actually sells three grades of Watercolour paint so if you want to try the Student, Professional or their Extra Fine Watercolour sets just go have a look on Amazon or eBay… or if you live in Korea I’m sure they’re in your local art store 😀

Shinhan Professional Watercolour Paints (24 colour)



Renoir Rounds
NEEF Finest Sable size 5/0
Artmaster Round Set (Mix Media)
Raphael Kaerell Liner brush sz 2
Transon & Co 3cm Wash (eBay)