My Art Supplies


My Watercolour Paints

These paints are from Korea and cost me around $35 AUD (that’s about $22 Euro, $20 GBP or $27 USD) so quite economical still and are often compared to the Mijellos Mission Gold paints. I sourced them from eBay from seller: cloudbeyond

There’s not enough review or information on these paints but I’m really enjoying them and I hope they will serve me well. I like finding things which are not “the most common choice”, it’s fun to be different and give alternative brands a go. Just always try to find out as much as possible about your art supplies; and try to never settle for the cheapest (it doesn’t really work out in my experience)

Shinhan Professional Watercolour Paints (24 colour)

ShinhanArt actually sells three grades of Watercolour paint so if you want to try the Student, Professional or their Extra Fine Watercolour sets just go have a look on Amazon or eBay


I have a lot of cheap brushes but some really do work lovely however really interested in getting some Spectre Winsor and Newton or natural fibre ones when I can.


  • NEEF Finest Sable size 5/0 (for detail)


  • Mont Marte Gallery Series – Sz 14 Mop


  • Raphael – Liner 2

Gold Taklon/Taklon:

  • Renoir – Round 1 & 16
  • Artmaster Round Set : 2,4,6,8,10 (Mix Media suitable from the U.K)
  • J.Burrows – Sz 1 Round
  • Transon & Co – 3cm Wash (eBay)
  • RenoArt 5 brush set: Filbert 0, 4. Angle 4, Round 0, Flat 2


Watercolour pads
Watercolour paper art books

Australian cheapie store watercolour paper (ughh):

  1. Semco Natural tone A4 Pad 230gsm (from Spotlight)
    Cannot pretend to like this one
  2. RenoArt Watercolour Paper A4 280gsm
    Absolutely HATE THIS PAPER
  3. Mont Marte Watercolour white pad A4 30 sheet 180gsm
    Even though it’s thin, it does okay especially for light work!

Art store bought paper:

  • Fabriano Studio Watercolour Cold Press Paper 300gsm (NEW!)