My Art Supplies


Watercolour Paint

My paints are my most expensive and prized at this point and they’re really lovely.
I bought them from eBay under the encouragement of two artists – Amourinette & Karjin

These paints are from Korea and cost me around $30 AUD (that’s about $21 Euro, $18 GBP or $22 USD) so quite economical still and are often compared to the Mijellos Mission Gold paints.

There’s not enough review or information on these paints but I’m really enjoying them and I hope they will serve me well. I like finding things which are not “the go to” as you will find. This however doesn’t always work in your favour (e.g. like the papers I have… ughhh)

ShinhanArt actually sells three grades of Watercolour paint so if you want to try the Student, Professional or their Extra Fine Watercolour sets just go have a look on Amazon or eBay… or if you live in Korea I’m sure they’re in your local art store 😀

Shinhan Professional Watercolour Paints (24 colour)



I have a lot of cheap brushes but some really do work lovely however really interested in getting some Spectre Winsor and Newton or natural fibre ones when I can.


  • NEEF Finest Sable size 5/0 (for detail)


  • Mont Marte Gallery Series – Sz 14 Mop


  • Raphael – Liner 2

Gold Taklon/Taklon:

  • Renoir – Round 1 & 16
  • Artmaster Round Set : 2,4,6,8,10 (Mix Media suitable from the U.K)
  • J.Burrows – Sz 1 Round
  • Transon & Co – 3cm Wash (eBay)
  • RenoArt 5 brush set: Filbert 0, 4. Angle 4, Round 0, Flat 2


For now I only have dollar store watercolour paper.. Some of them do okay with sketches but not layers… And others are so bad that I’ve had to remove them from my repertoire.
I have:

Watercolour pads
Watercolour paper art books
  • Semco Natural tone 230gsm A4 12 sheet pad (from Spotlight)
  • RenoArt Watercolour Paper A4 15 sheets 280gsm  (absolutely HATE THIS PAPER)
  • Mont Marte Watercolour White pad A4 30 sheet 180gsm